Friday, August 2, 2013

pretty papers, pretty ribbons

So I do have a Hawthorn to show you all, but it'll have to wait for the weekend as it's in the wash at the moment.

Instead, I found a kind of awesome fabric deal I want to share in case any of you are interested in brightly patterned Marc Jacobs silk/cotton twill.

images: fabric mart, bluefly, bloomingdale's, barney

I bought a few yards of the black fabric (Bluefly calls it deep navy; ├ža marche) quite awhile ago because I recognized it from Ms. Rashida Jones' Parks & Rec wardrobe. Apparently, it also briefly appeared on Gossip Girl.

A week ago, I was searching for an image of the fabric online so I could add it to Evernote (kind of a brilliant way to keep track of fabric stash, by the way -- and yes, I'm too lazy to just take a picture of my fabric without checking to see if one is already available) and I found one on FFC. Both the black/navy and the red-orange print are available! Black is 5.75/yd and orange is on sale for 3.95/yd -- they were both on sale a week ago when I, um, bought a few yards of each.

Here's the thing: they're calling it rayon challis. So when I ordered, I had no idea whether the fabrics were the silk/cotton twill I hoped for, or if they really were rayon challis. I think $4-5/yd is an average price for rayon challis, but pretty great for designer silk/cotton twill so I took the risk. You know, for science.

The fabric arrived yesterday, and guess what, guys? It is silk cotton twill! Or at least definitely twill, and most likely a silk/cotton blend since a. it just feels like it and b. I've only seen this print available in the form of silk/cotton dresses and blouses (well, and silk organza, which this definitely isn't). I'm not a chemist, but I'm satisfied.

So buy some for cheap if you want! Or don't -- maybe you hate ribbons and garish prints? I don't know, but I wanted to put it out there.

(It goes without saying that these aren't sponsored links or anything, right? I don't usually order from this particular merchant because they're pretty haphazard when it comes to labeling. Case in point? But this time, I went for it because I love the print and I was pleasantly surprised rather than bitterly disappointed by online fabric shopping!)