Saturday, June 29, 2013

come saturday

So, last week was pretty exciting for me: First, I won the Closet Case Files giveaway for the By Hand London Victoria blazer pattern! Thanks, Heather Lou! Summer short-suit, here I come....

And then Colette released the much anticipated new shirt-dress pattern!

Oh, and I also got married!

Brooklyn Borough Hall is a surprisingly efficient place, and it's even kind of pretty inside. For some reason, I'd anticipated that a trip to the marriage bureau would be similar to going to the DMV, but thankfully that's not the case at all.

 We didn't hire a photographer or anything, but both of my parents ended up coming to town so they snapped a few photos of the occasion.

I was glad that my dress (V1288) was both short & sleeveless, because last Tuesday was a killer of a day: both incredibly hot and humid.  Also, it's pretty fun to make your own wedding dress and opt-out of the intense shopping pressure. (Not that I didn't have some sewing-room pressure -- my first dress was actually a spectacularly failed Oolong. I may share some pictures of that later, as soon as I can face the creeping, crooked seam lines.)

I was at the beach for the rest of the week, so I pretty much spent all my time in swimsuits, or shorts and tees. So last week reminded me that I need to refine my summer wardrobe. Usually I prefer wearing breezy cotton dresses when it's hot, but I've really culled a lot of ill-fitting or worn-out clothes from my closet, and there aren't many summer dresses left. 
Fortunately, I do have a number of breezy cotton prints, and I think Hawthorn will be perfect for them! I was also excited to notice that the pattern also includes a button-up blouse -- as much as I admire the ease of pullover blouses, they usually don't look great on me.

Monday, June 10, 2013

shake it up

Um, so clearly I dropped the ball re: MMM'13 but let's just move past all that, eh? How about I show you something I just made instead!

Meet Vogue 1288, the sequined Badgley Mischka cocktail dress. I used a cream cotton/rayon allover lace, and I underlined the main dress with a peachy silk taffeta. It also happens to be my wedding dress, for a city hall ceremony next week! I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing this dress very often (the lace is kind of prone to snags, and the invisible zipper really likes to snack on it every time it zips) but I'm surprised to find myself in love with the shape of it! I think I'll be making another one soon -- maybe in silk crepe? I just love the look of Novita's  version of V1288.

Another thing to love: I finished this dress in a day! All of it -- from cutting to hemming -- was completed on Sunday! So that definitely counts as success as far as I'm concerned.