Tuesday, April 30, 2013

lacy laurel

I had envisioned knocking out 3 or 4 Laurel dresses by the end of April, but I got sidetracked into the exhilarating realm of swimwear. (Did you know it's possible to make a bathing suit in two hours? Magic! But more on that later.)

So now it's the end of April and I ended up with only two Laurels: a sleeveless blouse, which is somewhere in my laundry bin, and a dress. A sort of sixties, scalloped-hem lace shift!

Underlining: what a drag, right? I mean, it's not really that bad... I'm just impatient, and both fabrics were a little shifty. (The lace is a Maggy London cotton/rayon blend, and the underlining is a pale yellow satin-faced rayon.) But I only underlined the body of the dress, and I basted my darts carefully... it went together pretty well, if slowly.

I did have a little hiccup with the fit -- in fact, I almost chucked this dress at one point. For some reason, even though I tested the fit with the blouse, the dress was about 6 inches too large all around. I didn't take any photos, but if you can imagine a lace potato sack then you're not far off. But I did not want to give up after all that underlining, so I proceeded to skim in an inch and a half from both side seams. And now that it's finished, I'm glad I persevered!

It's not exactly work appropriate... at least not for my work, which can get a little dirty. But I think it will be perfect for summer parties because it is such a breezy style! And it looks great over tights, so I suspect it might become my easy holiday party dress, too.

I love the hem -- and my sweet little dog, too.
Also, I think it's high time to participate in a Me-Made-May, so here goes:  'I pledge to wear at least 3 handmade garments each week for the duration of May 2013. I will also endeavor to post my efforts once  a week, and I aim to make two garments before the end of May 2013'

My other goal, which sort of relies on attempting MMM'13, is to find the holes in my closet as well as to ferret out the things I never wear. (I've been doing a little of it here and there since moving and losing a LOT of closet space, but I want to really REALLY do it now. So MMM is the push I need to get the wardrobe I need.) So here goes!